Accounting company documents.

Handling documents from the client`s office.

Handling VAT declarations and all other declarations and documents regarding VAT Law in Bulgaria.

Making reports about company fiscal situation every month or by demand from the client.

Register and handle client documents to NRA(NAP) National Revenue Agency

Handling documents from and to NRA.

Register and handle all needed documents regarding Cash Register Machines.

Register and handle all documents and declarations regarding company new vehicles.

On demand, handling and representing client infront of National Trade register.

Register of a new company in Bulgaria.

Register the company by VAT law in Bulgaria.


Handling register for client employees.

Making contracts for company employees and handling all needed documents regarding payroll.

Making payment documents regarding payroll service for the client and on demand making payment document regarding other monthly payments.

Handling all needed documents regarding company employees and represent company infront of National Social Institute.

Anual reports and declarations.

Making an anual declaration and reports, and representing company for the anual fiscal report infront of National Revenue Agency.


Consulting client about upcomming changes in the Fiscal law concerning company business sector.

Consulting client about current fiscal and social law in client business sector.

Price for accounting service can be set only after a meeting with the client and define his actual needs.